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Top Of The Line Hair Care

When it comes to your hair, the quality is top of the line. So why settle for less than what your locks deserve? Treat yourself to a professional, quality haircut and color service. Everyday stress, pollution, and heat styling can dry out and damage hair. In order to fight frizz, dullness, and shedding, invest in a personalized care regimen with products that are right for your unique hair type. We’re committed to delivering superior results in an equally comfortable setting by our skilled stylists and trained staff.

That’s why we offer high quality hair care products including Redken, Olaplex and Amika. Our full suite of services including haircuts, color and styling are designed to keep your hair healthy and looking its best.

Quality Salon Products In Calgary

Always looking for a little something extra to reinvest in your hair? At Village Hair Salon we carry top quality hair products from brands that you know and trust. Let our professionally trained stylists use their expertise to help you find the best hair care product to fit your needs. 

Amika hair products

Amika Hair

The founders of Amika Hair didn’t just want to make a hair product. No, they wanted to create a hair experience . From the moment you take a whiff of each product you can tell that Amika is all about having FUN!! Enjoy creating your custom hair routine with this fresh and funky collection!

Redken Color

Redken! They’ve formulated the industry-leading color that brings out the best in you and your hair. This includes everything from toning balancing, to custom individualized systems for every hair type. With their products as a foundation, we can then build a system of premium professional products specifically focused on home care to keep your hair at its very best every day.

Redken Color Products
Olaplex hair product


Many hair color treatments and many bleaching processes break the bonds in your hair. This damage can make your hair very fragile and more prone to breakage. Olaplex is a 3-part system that helps repair, protect and strengthen your hair. This unique product can be reapplied multiple times throughout the life of your hair coloring or bleaching. Our Olaplex packages are great for all hair types, whether you have colored or highlighted your hair or have used a harsh chemical process on your locks including: Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatments, Japanese Straightening, or simply heat styling your hair on a regular basis. Contact us to see how we can help with Olaplex!

The Best Hair Salon Products And Services In Calgary

Village Hair Salon in Calgary will revive your locks and bring shine to them. The right hair care products can make all the difference when it comes to the overall health and softness of your tresses. We have a wide range of hair products available, including: Hair Serums, Thickening Boosters, Color Protectants, Heat Protection Products, Shampoo & Conditioner, Styling Products, Scalp Treatments, Anti-Dandruff Solutions, & more!