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How Much Should I Tip My Stylist?

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How Much Should I Tip My Stylist?

The Baseline
There’s no exact specification for how much you should be tipping your hairstylist, but there are some general guidelines and expectations to follow in a salon. If your salon experience from your service was moderate, leave a 15% tip. Although, if you’ve enjoyed your salon experience, a 20% tip is a good golden rule to follow. No matter if you’re just sliding into the chair for a quick trim, a significant chop, or a three-hour colouring sesh, a sensible tip range is 15 to 25 percent.

Multiple People Worked on My Hair
In this case, it’s best to straight-up ask the receptionist or your stylist what the policy usually is. Sometimes a stylist will split all their tips with the assistants per an agreement. In other salons, they may be paid on a commission, or they’re in school earning credit hours, and the salon tips them out differently.

Your Stylist Is the Salon Owner
If your hair stylist is also the owner of the establishment, they’re taking care of everything in their business. Cutting, shampooing, coloring, and booking appointments are only a small part of what they do behind the scenes. They’re also responsible for handling taxes, keeping lights on, and cleaning up too. If you have an excellent experience with your hair and the owner was your stylist, a 25% tip is appropriate!

Paid With a Gift Certificate
Tipping your hairstylist is not only a common courtesy but also shows good manners. It’s showing your appreciation of the time and effort put into making you look and feel your most amazing! When it comes to paying with a gift card or coupon, technically, the service is already paid for. Although, it’s still good practice to tip. Some salons may let you tip using the money on the gift card, but always be sure to ask.

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